Sunday 17 November 2019
Our Farming Location

After considerable research and careful evaluation, we have chosen the pristine waters of the famous and spectacular Trincomalee in Eastern Sri Lanka to grow Barramundi. The depth of the waters and tidal current profiles of the area proved to be ideal for high quality offshore aquaculture. Off shore fish farming is a science and our experts have painstakingly studied site conditions in Trincomalee waters to determine its suitability and favourable conditions for the project. This ensures that the ocean grown Barramundi will be unlike many others as we follow the natural biology of the fish, by allowing its oceanic rearing, providing superiority in taste and texture.

Oceanpick takes charge of the entire cold chain process in order to safeguard the quality of the fish produced – from nursery to on growing to harvesting to delivery at peak freshness to customers. Our fish is sourced from the most sustainable farming methods which preserve the natural wild stocks.

We operate world-class standards with our European partners and use cutting edge technology in our cage systems. Throughout our process, we adhere to globally recommended standards.