Sunday 17 November 2019
Our Future Aspects

We understand setting up a unique venture such as this is serious business. Oceanpick has chartered its course in a way that progress of its business will be in harmony with nature. Recognizing fully that such an operation is extremely complex given the forces of nature that have to be dealt with and need for preservation of the eco system, we have laboured many months gaining a full understanding of our operating environment. We have used techniques and tools adopted by the Scottish industry to determine impact zones, impact severity and monitoring mechanism and recovery and contingency plans.

We have chosen the open sea off Trincomalee for our oceanic farm. Our cage system set up and operated in the location, is Sri Lanka’s first. All our state-of-the-art equipment and technology is manufactured to world-class standards and operations are carried out according to internationally accepted standards.

Our investment to embark on this venture is not just to make supreme quality seafood available to consumers but also raise Sri Lanka’s fishing industry to new heights and help reduce reliance on a depleting wild fishery.

We believe that Oceanpick will elevate Sri Lanka’s profile in the world fishery arena as we continue to discover new and exciting opportunities that will transform the aquaculture industry. From an island nation’s standpoint, it is the perfect utilization of its biggest natural resource it owns.