Sunday 17 November 2019
Our Product

Oceanpick’s first choice species is Barramundi or Asian Sea Bass, locally referred to as Modha. The native species of Barramundi is widely distributed in the Indo-West Pacific region from the Persian Gulf, through Southeast Asia to Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia.It has a mild buttery flavour and is white and flaky when cooked, and is rich in Omega 3. The name Barramundi comes from the Australian Aboriginal language, while Asian Sea Bass is broadly used in the international market. Of the many farms around the world, only handful farm barramundi in open pristine seas and Oceanpick now proudly takes Sri Lanka into this elite league of premium Barramundi.

Barramundi is an iconic table fish in Australia and has an established popularity in the far east. It is also popular in Thai and Goan cuisine. Its versatile and eco-friendly reputation has made it a sought-after fish type in the seafood market and its taste has made it a favourite among chefs and foodies.

It contains only 137 calories with only 2.5g of ‘good fat’ per portion, which is half the calories of salmon, and tops the healthy food choices list. It is easy to cook and has a dense white meaty texture with little bones to worry about, plus it doesn’t have a strong ‘fishy fish’ odour that will linger in your kitchen. Barramundi is a super alternative to fish like salmon, cod and tilapia.