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Not all barras are equal! The supremacy of the ocean reared is unmatched.Responsibly done, ocean farming is sustainable. It protects the health of ocean and marine life.The oceans sustain life on Earth and that’s why there cannot be any compromises.

Doing it right is NOT a choice…it’s a way of life at Oceanpick.

The mission was simple. Halt wild fishery destruction. Produce a sustainable culinary delight.

Since 2012, Oceanpick has done just that. Producing the perfect oceanic barramundi in the pristine oceans of Trincomalee, on the eastern seaboard of Sri Lanka. In doing so, Oceanpick revolutionized South Asia’s fishery landscape. Pioneering its way out to the great blue ocean.

A perfect blend of local passion and Scottish experience in its Joint Venture meant Oceanpick volunteered to SEPA, Scottish environmental standards and global best practices.

Deep, clear, warm waters surround the tiny tear-drop shaped isle of Sri Lanka. The abundance of tidal currents and absence of industrial activity makes it the perfect location to nurture a world class Barramundi and help spread its signature oceanic taste into every corner of the globe.

Our premium barramundi are processed in a state of the art BRC and HACCP certified processing facility and delivered around the world via our meticulous cold chain process – “Fresh on Ice” or “Quick Frozen”

What is

Oceanpick’s first choice of species is Barramundi or Asian Sea Bass, locally referred to as Modha.

The native species of Barramundi is widely distributed in the Indo-West Pacific region from the Persian Gulf, through Southeast Asia to Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia.

What We Do

Oceanpick is Sri Lanka’s first ever oceanic farm for finfish. It focuses on responsible farming that is highly sustainable, to produce high quality seafood without compromising on taste or natural nutrients. It eliminates the pressure on wild stocks in and around the marine waters of the island, while changing and revolutionizing the way Sri Lanka sources its fish.

Why Choose

Pristine, deep, tidal currents – three key descriptors of the natural oceanic environment in which our barramundi grow year long, presenting that unique flavor to crave for. Oceanpick’s Harvest on Demand and Chill at Sea protocols makes it’s Barramundi supreme and amongst the best in the world.

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Our Product Range

Oceanpick offers endless possibilities with its barramundi, from whole round to portions and more. We ship to food service, importer, distributor, wholesale and retail clients worldwide Fresh chilled or quick frozen

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