Behind Oceanpick Company

Ocean fresh, delectable in cuisine and farmed in the exotic waters of the Indian Ocean!

Oceanpick is the revolutionary sustainable oceanic fish farm in Sri Lanka, producing some of the best tasting, 100% fresh fish for a healthier lifestyle.

It’s all about fish. The experience of soft, flaky, warm and moist sea grown fish that melts in your mouth is a culinary delight. There are no limits to what you can do in the art of cooking fish. Whether you grill, fry, boil, poach or make sauce with it; you need good fish to make excellent fish cuisine. This is why we are making it happen by adopting the most celebrated methods of European fish farming into our farming here in Sri Lanka. The process is nothing short of spectacular.

Oceanpick is Sri Lanka’s first ever offshore oceanic farm for finfish, rearing in pristine waters off the north east shores offering the perfect natural environment.  Focusing on “responsible farming” that is highly sustainable, producing high quality seafood packed with taste and goodness; while offering food security in tractability, throughout the supply chain. It alleviates the pressure on native wild stocks, in and around the marine waters of the island, while changing and revolutionising the way Sri Lanka sources its fish.

Oceanpick is the result of a concept formulated in late 2011. The idea of oceanic fish farming stemmed from the founder’s desire to better utilize the abundant seas around Sri Lanka. Nearly 1,400km of coastline surrounds the island, creating an ideal resource pool for fish farming. He explored the European continent to find inspiration, learn and understand the fish farming industry. Oceanpick is partnered by a Scottish farming company that pioneered oceanic farming in the North Atlantic some 40 years ago, producing salmon, rainbow trout and halibut. Oceanpick pioneered Sri Lanka’s entry into marine aquaculture, and today it is a project progressing rapidly towards a new dimension of sustainable fishery.

Historical Background

The global aquaculture industry has been the most rapidly expanding food industry in the world, largely contributing to the rising animal protein consumption worldwide. Interest in culturing fish in offshore cages began in Japan in the 1970s. Since its inception, the aquaculture industry has opened up abundant possibilities of sourcing many varieties of healthy and nutritious marine fish species throughout the year. Newly developed technology and extensive research have taken offshore aquaculture to new and improved heights, making it the ultimate future of fishery.

Offshore farming is a more natural approach to fish farming as all of the environmental requirements of the fish such as salinity, temperature, oxygen and currents are as the nature would have them, in comparison to land based pond and RAS systems.


Responsibly done, ocean fish farming is sustainable. It protects the health of ocean and marine life. The sustainable methods and technology used in this process are engineered to preserve the freshness and real taste of fish. Offshore aquaculture products are increasing in demand as they are known for their superior quality. The health of fish grown in these oceanic farms is constantly monitored.

The oceans sustain life on Earth and play a vital role in our lives. Although they cover 70% of our planet, oceans are not infinitely resilient. The ever growing demand for seafood has pushed world fisheries to the brink, and we have recognized the need for sustainable fish farming to prevent exploitation of the ocean’s natural resources. Sustainable seafood obtained via ocean fish farming is an innovative method adopted to help replenish our oceans and manage its resources into the future.