Importance of Ocean Fish Farming in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is blessed with the abundant waters of the glorious Indian Ocean. The island is surrounded by a dramatic and varying coastline, providing the ideal settings for ocean fish farming, but Sri Lanka’s fishing industry is in dire need of a drastic change from its current operations. Over 90% of fish in the country comes from wild capture, threatening wild stocks into grave risk of depletion. The island’s attempts at aquaculture have been primarily concentrated in brackish water lagoons, fresh water bodies or inland based ponds. Oceanpick recognizes the value and the unparalleled superiority of ocean-grown fish that is sourced from sustainable methods. Our venture into ocean fish farming brings the much needed transformation in Sri Lanka’s fishery industry.

Our Farming Location

After considerable research and careful evaluation, we have chosen the pristine waters of the famous and spectacular Trincomalee in Eastern Sri Lanka to grow Barramundi. The depth of the waters and tidal current profiles of the area proved to be ideal for high quality offshore aquaculture. Off shore fish farming is a science and our experts have painstakingly studied site conditions in Trincomalee waters to determine its suitability and favourable conditions for the project. This ensures that the ocean grown Barramundi will be unlike many others as we follow the natural biology of the fish, by allowing its oceanic rearing, providing superiority in taste and texture.

Oceanpick takes charge of the entire cold chain process in order to safeguard the quality of the fish produced – from nursery to on growing to harvesting to delivery at peak freshness to customers. Our fish is sourced from the most sustainable farming methods which preserve the natural wild stocks.

We operate world-class standards with our European partners and use cutting edge technology in our cage systems. Throughout our process, we adhere to globally recommended standards.

Our Partners

Longevity of the traditional fisherfolk livelihood in coastal Sri Lanka is at the core of what we do. We work routinely on building a strong bond with them, as we do with our customers, funders and the various government institutions. Driving the nation’s and the world’s sustainable initiatives is a task we enjoy and that’s a journey that enables us to connect all our stakeholders together.

Kames Fish Farming Ltd.

Established in 1972 and based near Oban on the West Coast of Scotland, Kames Fish Farming Equipment has been supplying fish farming equipment and aquaculture systems and services to the fin fish and shellfish industry world-wide for over 25 years.

Kames Fish Farming Equipment has over 20 years experience in the production of Rainbow Trout and Atlantic Salmon in both fresh and sea water environments.


Aberdeen Holding

Aberdeen Holding is a private, family owned group of business with a strong code of ethics that revolve around integrity, transparency and personal service.
The Aberdeen Group’s businesses span from Sri Lanka and Singapore to South Africa and beyond – from airlines and health products to Islamic travel and real estate services.

The company’s group board members include the founding brothers Sattar, Farook and Shafik Kassim, their children and senior industry figures who have a wealth of knowledge in their relevant fields of expertise.

Their combined experience and expertise makes them industry leaders, as demonstrated by the Aberdeen group’s list of blue chip clients.